28 Eylül 2022

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A Detailed Guide to Our Google Advertising Guidelines

google advertising guide

In this portfolio, I would like to mention the main content of our Google Advertising Guidelines. In this article, we will briefly introduce you to googla advertising, see you in our detailed guides and blogs!

I Want You To Have An Idea About Internet Advertising

What is Google Advertising

Main Google Advertising Areas And Some Business Models We Covered In Our Guides;

  • Google Advertising by Opening a Blog
  • Google Advertising with Youtube
  • Google Advertising by Opening a Web Site
  • Google Advertising by Writing Web Applications
  • Google Advertising with Android Application
  • Google Advertising by Creating an Ebook
  • Google Advertising for Developers

Google Advertising Business Models For Our Female Audience

How Much Google Advertising Earns

I just told you about “Google Adsense”. How much does Google Advertising earn? The answer to the question exactly depends on the functioning of the adsense algorithm. And there are some secrets and terms for Google Adsense to pay and earn more. Let’s get to know these terms with you. Get an Idea on How Much Google Earns

Terms You Need To Know; Formula:
RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

For example:

Example = If you have 225 page views today and an estimated revenue of $ 0.20, your page RPM would be ($ 0.20 / 225) * 1000, or $ 10.00.

If you earned an estimated $ 180 out of 5,000 ad impressions, you can calculate that your ad RPM would be ($ 180 / 45,000) * 1000, which is $ 10.00.

RPM is a number very commonly used in advertising programs. You can benefit from this number when comparing the earnings from different advertising channels.

Little Secrets You Should Keep In Mind;

A Hotel and Pastry Shop does not advertise at the same price. Highly earning advertisements are mainly;

  • Crypto Money Ads
  • Bank Ads
  • Hotel Ads
  • Industry Ads
  • Healthcare Advertisements
  • Decoration Ads
  • Construction Company Ads

Has many genres such as, Less Earning Ads;

  • Shopping ads
  • Pastry advertisements
  • Native Ads

Ad types can be divided into advertisements that earn less / more. I would like to give two information on this subject; Video ads earn a lot (Youtubers), Banner Ads save a lot (Websites with the correct keyword), At the same time, admob, namely app ads, is also gaining a lot, even more than youtube and google. You can access from section.

google advertising and entrepreneurship.



You Can Calculate It Shortly From Here 🙂

Online entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurship model in which approximately 2 million people actively work around the world, although there are many derivatives of this entrepreneurship model, it earns more than many jobs done on a payroll.

  • The Most Known Online Entrepreneurship Derivatives
  • Making Money Online By Blogging
  • The Art of Making Money Online by Opening a Youtube Channel
  • Monetization Models for Developers by Meeting the Need of the Web Industry

As online entrepreneurship is more of a home monetization business model, it attracts a lot of attention from our female audience (home is a bit boring and that’s right). In our “Google Advertising Guidelines” category of our website; We present many business ideas and business models for you to make money from home, we organize them into detailed “how-to” articles. Do not stop reading, bringing to life and producing!


Everything about google advertising.
  • Remember that Google Advertising can be done with free solutions.
  • If you are an Online Entrepreneur, these google advertising business models are for you.
  • Google Advertising’s only workload is to produce content
  • Don’t forget that SEO is an art
  • Do research on Social Engineering and Social Marketing techniques on our website.

Why Online Entrepreneurship;

Our website produces content for online entrepreneurs focused on the Advertising Profession. So why is Online Entrepreneurship? The only reason is that it is actually free to start and one of the main reasons is the scarcity of our colleagues in this huge industry. The Online Entrepreneurship sector attracts our attention because it is a sector with little competition. At the same time, you don’t need a constant rent to market and find hits, you don’t need huge municipal advertising signs, the functions you need;

  • Quick Learning Ability
  • Market Analysis Capability
  • Ability to Create Fast, Synchronized, Interesting Content
  • Ability to Use Social Engineering Correctly
  • Social The Ability to Use Markets Correctly
  • Ability to Provide Accurate, Updated Content

And smaller competencies in two or three subjects, you don’t need to have 5 cents in your pocket to start a business the day you believe you can achieve them.

Why Social Engineering and Why Social Marketing

The Social Engineer is based on public attention on social platforms, which is often free. You will surely attract someone’s attention.

Right communication is the basis of Social Market. Each individual who receives moral education has different competencies in this field. As long as you proceed in a correct, principled way, you can be successful enough in this regard.

We have mentioned this topic in detail on our website. You can reach Social Engineering, Social Marketing Google Advertising, Online Entrepreneurship Terms by using our search page.

Your Principles for Being Successful in Entrepreneurship You Should Not Forget and Research In This Article

  • Google Advertising
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Engineering
  • Online Entrepreneurship

We have briefly touched on all of them, you can do detailed research on our website.