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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy and Personal Data

This Privacy Policy and Personal Data, WebADS (webadvertising.tech) Bilişim Yazılım Medya Teknoloji San. ve Tic. A.S. Managed and operated by (WebADS (webadvertising.tech)), on the website www.webadvertising.tech.com (Site) and in the WebADS (webadvertising.tech) application (Application) or WebADS ( webadvertising.tech) has been created in order to provide you with a better service on any digital platform that provides any service to its users.

Some of your information as a member of WebADS (webadvertising.tech) or as one of the conditions of using the services of WebADS (webadvertising.tech) as a member of WebADS (webadvertising.tech) or just as a visitor (those who are not a member but who use the Site, Application or other services of WebADS (webadvertising.tech) in a limited way) It is received, processed and stored by WebADS (webadvertising.tech). Below, it is stated how and how the personal data obtained / to be obtained during the use of all these digital platforms are obtained, how and in what way these data are processed and stored. WebADS (webadvertising.tech) protects your privacy within the framework of the following rules and adopts this text in all processes related to your data.

Any person who approves this text or continues to use the Site, Application or other services without approving the text, within the limits below, to process the data shared by him or automatically or non-automatically due to the use of WebADS (webadvertising.tech) platforms, to be recorded, processed, stored and preserved, analyzed, classified, updated, domestically and / or abroad, during the membership period or during the period announced / to be announced by WebADS (webadvertising.tech), and In order to provide WebADS (webadvertising.tech) services, it explicitly allows and approves the transfer of it to third party business partners and / or consultants.

What is Personal Data?

Personal Data is information that identifies you or can be used to identify you. The information you share with WebADS (webadvertising.tech) through the Site, Application or any platform or in any other way may be considered as personal data. Examples of personal data include your identity information, name, surname, date of birth, city / country, gender, e-mail address, telephone number, home address, internet protocol (IP) address.

Some of the information you provide to WebADS (webadvertising.tech) is compulsory information (such as e-mail, IP information), and some are the information you give us or give us consent to access, depending on your choice. WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may keep the information you provide and the content you provide, if any, as long as it wishes, even if the information and content is deleted by you, for both legal requirements and legitimate interests.

What Information Do We Collect?

When you use the Site and the Application or contact WebADS (webadvertising.tech), we may obtain the following information from you:

Registration Information: Name, surname, e-mail address, telephone numbers, from the information you enter to register on the Site, Application or WebADS (webadvertising.tech) platforms, or by filling in various forms and questionnaires on the Site, Application or platforms, We obtain some personal information such as address and gender. This information is collected due to the nature of the business, both for legal obligations and for us to provide you with a better service. If you wish to register with third party accounts (such as Twitter or Facebook), we will record the information that you own the relevant third party account during this registration.

Service data that you want to be evaluated or examined: Search history on the Site, Application and digital platforms, information showing your general service orientation and other data you willingly share are recorded in our infrastructure for evaluation and can be used to provide you with better service in the next stages.

Usage data: Usage and traffic data are collected about you after logging in as a member to the Site, Application or platform or as a visitor without being a member. This may include data such as when you visited channels, what you clicked, when you performed these actions. In addition, our web servers also keep log files; these files save data each time a device accesses them.

Device / device data: When you use a mobile device such as a tablet or phone you use to access our services, data such as your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information and browser type are collected on your device. WebADS (webadvertising.tech) also has access to “device identifiers” on your device.

ir may collect, track, store them on your device and / or store one or more “device identifiers” remotely. Device identifiers are small data files or similar data structures stored on or associated with your mobile device that uniquely identify your mobile device. Device identifier; Depending on the device’s hardware, operating system or other software, there may be data stored or data sent by WebADS (webadvertising.tech) to the device. A device identifier can provide us or our third-party partners with information about how you navigate our site and app, your demographic information and how you use WebADS (webadvertising.tech) service, and help us or others to provide reports, personalized content and advertisements. Some features in our services may not work properly if the availability of device identifiers is impaired or blocked.

Information from third parties: If you allow third parties to share your information with us, we may collect personal information or data about you from those third parties. For example; If you use the option to register and log in to WebADS (webadvertising.tech) with your Facebook or Twitter account details, your login information will be verified by WebADS (webadvertising.tech); we only collect information about your Facebook or Twitter account that you expressly agree to share with us by allowing your WebADS (webadvertising.tech) account to be linked to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Location Information: WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may collect data regarding the location where you use the WebADS (webadvertising.tech) infrastructure.

Cookies: During your stay on the Site, platforms or the Application, cookies, also called “cookies”, or javascript codes for analyzing site usage data, or similar tracking data may be placed on your computer. Cookies consist of simple text files and do not contain identity and other private information, although they do not contain such personal information, session information and similar data are stored and can be used to recognize you again. By using cookies, we offer you personalized service, verify your identity when you visit our platforms, develop and improve our services.

How Is Information Used and Protected?

The information collected by WebADS (webadvertising.tech) can be used collectively in various ways to optimize and improve the services of WebADS (webadvertising.tech) and improve the service offered to users through this database by enriching the database. WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may use this information for application management, security, promotional activities, research and analysis. The information is used in a way that cannot personally identify users and visitors. No information collected will be made public. Again, any information you share with us is not disclosed to third parties in a way that is clearly contrary to the purpose and scope specified in the “User Agreement”.

WebADS (webadvertising.tech) uses your e-mail address and other contact information to process your account, to contact you when necessary, to inform you. WebADS (webadvertising.tech) can use the personal data you share and the content you provide, if any, for advertisements, promotions, notices, announcements belonging to itself or others in order to provide you with better service and service optimization. WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may share your information with the relevant authorities in case you participate in the prize contests or sweepstakes it organizes, and use it when announcing the results of the contest or draw. It is also possible for the information to be used by us or shared with third parties, provided that they are anonymized. Since WebADS (webadvertising.tech) membership cannot be hidden, the information that you are a member will be public.

WebADS (webadvertising.tech) takes all necessary technical and administrative measures to prevent unlawful processing and access of personal data by taking maximum care in storing your information, and to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to protect personal data, but WebADS (webadvertising.tech) WebADS (webadvertising.tech) has no obligation other than notifying the relevant person of the data and the relevant administrative authorities in the event that your information is obtained, changed or deleted by unauthorized access to the system where your stored data is stored, the operation of the system is corrupted or changed. . Every time you visit the Site, Application and our platforms, your IP address, operating system, browser (chrome, explorer, etc.), connection time and duration information and similar information are automatically recorded, and this information obtained without your permission

Provided that your business is not shared with third parties, it is possible for WebADS (webadvertising.tech) to be used anonymously or associated with your personal information.

Within the scope of the relevant legislation, in case of a proper request from the official authorities authorized to request personal data, your information will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

In order for you to benefit from the services provided by WebADS (webadvertising.tech), all information received is protected in accordance with our obligations under the legislation on the protection of personal data to which we are subject.

WebADS (webadvertising.tech) provides limited access to information to its employees and business partners who need access to relevant information within the scope of legal obligations or WebADS (webadvertising.tech) system operation, especially third party business partners.

All data transactions in the WebADS (webadvertising.tech) infrastructure will be encrypted using SSL technology. Despite these efforts, it should not be forgotten that a complete security cannot be provided due to the nature of the internet environment. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors can jeopardize the security of information at any time.

Third Party Websites and Apps

WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may, from time to time, include information and links to third party websites in its site and application, promotional mail or advertisements. When you click on these links to access other websites, these sites or their applications are not under our control, and this privacy policy is not valid for those other sites you can access.

Transfer to Other Countries

Your collected personal data may be transferred, processed and stored overseas and from the country and jurisdiction of the user to other countries around the world, to servers located in another country, for the purposes of storing this data or for the lawful purposes contained in this text. WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may transfer users’ information, including personal data, to another country and jurisdiction that does not have the same / similar data protection laws in their jurisdiction.

Accordingly, WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may transfer the processing process to another person with a sub-contract or share your information with third parties in countries other than the country you live in, in order to carry out the activities specified in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, your personal information may be subject to different privacy rules than in the country where you live. However, the data will still be processed, limited to the scope contained in this text.

Sharing Information

WebADS (webadvertising.tech) does not cause users’ personal information to be leased, sold or shared to others or non-affiliated companies (eg for direct marketing purposes). However, WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may share non-personal (anonymous) aggregated information with third parties.

WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may share personal information with companies that provide services (such as data processing centers or customer service centers), taking into account their legal obligations. These service providers are obliged to protect this information.

Your personal data may be shared with public institutions and organizations authorized to request personal data for WebADS (webadvertising.tech) to fulfill its obligations under the law (in cases where there is an obligation to provide information such as fight against crime and threat of state and public security).

WebADS (webadvertising.tech) may share information with third parties if it accepts that a reasonable explanation is required in cases where legally authorized to fulfill its terms and conditions or to ensure the security of the transaction or user.

Changes and Updates

This Privacy Policy may be revised, edited and updated as new features are added to digital platforms or new suggestions come from our users. However, in this case, we will notify you by posting the changes on our website. We may notify such changes, in some material circumstances, by e-mail or by any other conspicuous method reasonably designed to notify you, with additional notices as appropriate. If you are notified of these changes and do not cancel your membership and continue to use our services after the notification period, you will be deemed to have allowed the changes in our privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy or an updated privacy policy (if applicable), you reserve the right to close your account or not respond to surveys at any time. Therefore, we recommend that you review the privacy policy every time you visit WebADS (webadvertising.tech). This document was last updated on 17/05/2018. If the provisions of the Privacy Policy change, it is published

It takes effect on the first date.

Your Rights as a Data Owner

By applying to WebADS (webadvertising.tech), your personal data;

• learning whether it has been processed,

• requesting information if processed,

• learning the purpose of processing and whether it is used appropriately,

• Learning the third parties to whom they are transferred domestically and / or abroad,

• requesting correction if it is incomplete and / or incorrectly processed,

• Request to be deleted and / or destroyed within the framework of the relevant legislation,

• to request the third parties to whom it is transferred to be notified of the transactions carried out in accordance with the above mentioned subparagraphs (e) and (f),

• objecting to the emergence of a result against you because it is analyzed exclusively by automated systems,

• In the event that you suffer damage due to unlawful processing, you have the right to demand the compensation of the damage.

Although you use your legal rights listed above, we retain certain personal data within the scope of our legal obligations, the data required to be processed under the User Agreement and our record keeping obligations.

By using WebADS (webadvertising.tech), you express your acceptance of the Privacy Policy. We recommend that you review the User Agreement, which can be found at, about the issues you need to pay attention while visiting the Site, the Application and our digital platforms and / or becoming a member (registered user).

For any questions and suggestions regarding the Privacy Policy, you can send an e-mail to the following e-mail address or contact WebADS (webadvertising.tech) by any means.